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APX's mission is to empower the world's transition to sustainable energy.

APX's combination of our 15+ years of pioneering environmental markets and our 20+ year history of providing technology solutions to wholesale power participants drives our broad spectrum of sustainable energy solutions.  We partner with renewable power producers, innovative utilities, enlightened commercial and industrial consumers as well as top government agencies and NGO’s. Learn more about our engagements and partners.

Pioneers in Sustainable Energy Markets

APX was developed in 1997 to provide the infrastructure for the California energy market. Since then, we have been leaders in the industry to provide SaaS cloud technology solutions and services which reduce the barrier to entry for both buyers and seller of sustainable energy.

  • Originated SaaS Hosted Technology for Scheduling and Settlement Services in the Energy Industry
  • Launched 1st renewable energy credit (REC) registry now 13
  • Pioneered 1st environmental commodity management account (EMA)
  • Initial non-utility participant in California's deregulated wholesale markets
  • 3rd Largest Scheduling Coordinator Provider in CAISO (behind PG&E and SCE)
  • Developed 1st approved California Air Resources Board (CARB) Offset registry
  • Created 1st California Utility Demand Response Programs
  • Created TIGRs as the trusted global voluntary REC product and registry

APX Team

Our team helped build the very first environmental tracking system and RECs issued in the United States. To date, we have developed over 15 registries across both voluntary carbon credits, renewable energy, energy efficiency and all US RPS compliance markets.

This knowledge has been applied to help our clients excel in their goals to grow the renewable energy and carbon market place. It’s a lifetime of dedication to these markets and sustainability that drive us each and every day.

Adam Barrett

Product Manager for Environmental Markets

Adam manages enhancements to APX’s suite of renewable energy credit and carbon offset registries, working with registry sponsors and users to deliver high quality solutions. He has been with APX since 2007, where he has also worked in operations and business analysis. Adam has led many technical project implementations at APX with a particular aptitude for delivering programmatic interfaces and business process automation.

Andrew Thornton

Head of Product Management for Environmental Markets

Andrew brings extensive experience in wholesale power and environmental markets to his role managing APX’s environmental market product offerings. He has been with APX since 2001, working across operations, business analysis, and product management to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions to utilities, independent power producers, power marketers, and load-serving entities in the wholesale power market. In his current role, Andrew manages APX’s portfolio of renewable energy credit and carbon offset registries products.

Bryan Gower

Manager of MRETS and NC-RETS

Bryan is our utmost expert on RPS policies across the United States and all APX REC Registry operations. His knowledge helped regulators implement standard metering procedures and the design of multi-credit markets. Bryan has been with APX since 2007 and his passion for the environment drives him every day.

Bao Ngo

Manager of MIRECS, NAR and TIGRs Support

Bao is an expert in Demand Response, wholesale power and registry operations. He currently works with our clients operating in the MIRECS and NAR registries. He will additionally be supporting TIGRs. Bao has been with APX since 2005, starting in our 24×7 Power Operations team.

Carl Schlemmer

Senior Business Analyst

Carl contributes to APX projects spanning both wholesale power and environmental tracking systems. Carl also led the implementation of APX’s Environmental Management Account, launched WREGIS, CAR, ACR, and NAR as well as APX’ wholesale scheduling in PJM and SPP. Carl focuses on innovation with each an every project. He has been with APX since 2007.

Dennis Chang

Product Manager for SCADA and DAS Solutions

Dennis leads Product Development for all SCADA and DAS solutions. In this role he optimizes to deliver streamlined solutions to fit our clients’ needs for plant data communications to APX and ISOs. He has implemented projects involving various wind, solar, demand response and storage resources. He has been with APX since 2012 and a critical contributor in previous positions as a Supervisor in the APX 24×7 Operations group.

Devon Walton

Head of Client Services

Devon helped launch APX’s original SaaS registry business. His experience also includes wholesale power market operations, brokering environmental credits and water and biodiversity credits. Devon has taken the vow for “Customer First” to the highest level by ensuring we always listen and put our clients FIRST across all APX products. Devon has been with APX for over 12 years.

Elena Shulepov

Senior Application Developer

For over 10 years, Elena has helped develop registries at APX including innovative solutions for Michigan and North Carolina. Her experience crosses both renewable energy and carbon offset platforms.

Hung Chau

Senior Application Developer

Since 1997, Hung helped architect APX’s first REC Registry, NEPOOL GIS, PJM GATS and WREGIS. Hung enjoys the challenges in new RPS and voluntary markets to develop new registry solutions globally

Jason Brome

Chief Technology Officer

Has over 20 years in finance and environmental markets delivering robust, scalable technology solutions. Jason leads the APX Technology Team across all products and has been with APX since 2009.

Jonathan Lee

Product Manager for EMA

Jonathan Lee comes to APX after 5 years at NRG. He spent the last 3 years being the Renewable Energy Credit guru for NRG’s retail brands, distributed generation, and trading desk. Before NRG, Jonathan spent 2 years at EDF Trading as a PJM nodal trader trading virtuals, Up-to-Congestion, and PJM Bal-Day & Next-Day on ICE.

Jonathan has an MS in Finance from Florida International University, and is an ERP designation holder. Jonathan resides in Pearland, TX with his wife and two children.

James Webb


As our primary TIGRs Administrator, James is excited to engage with our international client base. In addition, James manages NEPOOL GIS operations, services and software enhancements. He also works very closely with WREGIS, CAR and ACR to implement client changes to registry software applications. Our clients greatly appreciate James’ dedication to “Customer First”. James started with APX in 2006 originally on our 24×7 Power Operations team.

Katherine Graham

Head of Product Management

Katherine’s combined experience in wholesale energy and environmental markets provides a unique view to delivering products and services. She is responsible for all new APX products and ensuring current products are consistently exceeding client expectations. She has been with APX since 2003 working across the organization’s front and back-office operations, as well as implementing over six environmental registries for both carbon offsets and RECs.

Lars Kvale

Head of Business Development

Lars has over 20 years in environmental markets. He’s an expert in both REC and carbon markets including helping develop GHG protocols in the California carbon market, renewable energy certification programs and environmental market registries. Lars is often working with policy makers and doing market consulting. Prior to APX, Lars worked at the Center for Resource Solutions. He has a strong dedication to developing trusted and sustainable markets.

Rice Lummis

Product Manager for Battery Energy Storage

Rice is focused on delivering technology, services, and infrastructure integration solutions to the emerging battery energy storage segment in power markets around the world. His experience with DER’s spans both the ERCOT and CAISO markets. Having led energy consulting projects for IOU’s and Fortune 500’s, he’s uniquely positioned to monetize project value through operational excellence and technical innovation.

Nick D’Alleva

Manager of the APX VCS Registry

Nick brings a deep experience of voluntary carbon markets to working with our VCS clients daily. Our clients appreciate his tireless commitment to helping them succeed. His background also includes brokering, operations and data management for both finance and environmental markets. Nick has been with APX since 2009

APX Registries

APX has pioneered registry technology solutions around the world. Over 12 of these are actively in use. Learn more about our specific voluntary platforms below for renewable energy and carbon offsets. We’re also supporting the North American compliance markets with the following partners and tracking systems.

North American Renewable Registry: This platform issues renewable energy certificates originating from clean generation facilities and states not covered by one of the existing APX-powered, regional compliance systems. NAR is also used for RPS compliance states of Kansas, Illinois, Missouri and Puerto Rico. NAR accepts imports from all other tracking systems.


APX VCS Registry: This platform is utilized for issuing, tracking and retiring Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). The Registry supports the VCS Association’s objectives to provide credibility to the voluntary markets, as well as to enhance business, consumer, and government confidence.


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