APX Invites Stakeholders to Comment on India TIGR Issuance Requirements

To further drive the development of renewable energy markets globally APX, Inc. is expanding the issuance of TIGRs (Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables) to India. Based on conversations with project developers, non-profit organizations, energy companies and purchasers in India, APX has developed a Country Addendum outlining the specific requirements for issuing TIGRs in India. The requirements have been developed to enable issuances from solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies, while ensuring there is no double counting of the renewable energy attributes between TIGRs, renewable energy mandates in India and other REC systems. Bundled power and attribute purchases (PPAs) will be supported as well as attribute-only transactions. We invite interested stakeholders to review the Country Addendum and the TIGRs Standard and Procedures posted on the TIGRS website and provide any comments to TIGRSAdmin@apx.com by October 28th, 2016.

Appendix H – India Addendum–Under Stakeholder Comment to 28th October, 2016

TIGRs Standard and Procedures

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