Introducing TIGRs

Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables:

TIGR PPAs (bundled) & TIGRs (unbundled)

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Creating a trusted renewable energy instrument

Global companies are increasingly committed to using 100% renewable energy to meet their sustainability goals. However, securing renewable energy contracts and ensuring substantiation of green claims is challenging. A trusted vehicle for investing and trading in renewable energy has become a requirement.

That’s why APX launched Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables, or TIGRs, which were designed by APX to help standardize and democratize the way companies find and invest in renewable energy projects.

TIGRs and the TIGRs registry are listed as an eligible tracking system for CDP reporting. This means that corporate renewable energy buyers can confidently use TIGRs for Scope 2 emission claims and reporting. For more information see CDP - Accounting of Scope 2 emissions – Technical Note for reporting to CDP Climate Change and Supply Chain programs in 2017.

TIGRs were designed to meet the highest quality standard and also meet the criteria outlined the GHG Protocol and re100 Best Practice guidance. In addition to TIGRs all of the additional registry systems running on APX technology are approved for CDP and scope 2 reporting, including the North American Renewables Registry (NAR). For any questions about how the reporting tools in the TIGR Registry can help with Scope 2 reporting reach out to the APX team.

Building a global renewable energy marketplace

APX has been providing market infrastructure to participants in the renewable energy industry for over 15 years.  We are excited to bring together our partners in the project development, retailer, utility, and corporate community with this innovative set of instruments.  Collectively we will provide the transparency and standardization essential for a successful market.

Meet your sustainability goals securely with TIGRs.

TIGRs Registry

The TIGR Registry supports several key functions for market participants:

  • Centralized management of renewable energy resource attributes
  • Tracking beneficial ownership of renewable energy projects (bundled) or renewable attributes (unbundled).
  • Tracking of PPA terms and conditions with renewable energy offtakers
  • Settlement of transactions with renewable energy offtakers
  • Standardized invoicing as per PPA terms
  • PPA Performance measurement
  • Transaction of renewable energy attributes (TIGRs) among market participants
  • Retirement of renewable energy attributes (TIGRs) as evidence of renewable energy use.

Understand how to participate and register your renewable energy assets here.

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