Introducing TIGRs

Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables

Validating Energy Sources, Confirming Ownership and Vetting Partners

Increasingly, global companies are committed to using one hundred percent renewable energy to meet sustainability goals. However, securing renewable energy contracts and ensuring substantiation of green claims is challenging. A trusted vehicle for trading and investing in renewable energy has become a requirement.

That’s why APX launched Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables, or TIGRs, which were designed by APX to help document sustainability efforts and make it easier for companies to find legitimate renewable energy projects and sellers.

TIGRs Insures Legitimacy for Sellers, Buyers and Retailers

In partnership with Apple, Sunseap, a Singapore-based solar power developer and the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), APX has launched the first phase of this initiative with the issuance of TIGRs generated by solar projects located in Singapore.

Shortly, TIGRs will be issued on a new global registry, as APX expands its proven registry technology, operations expertise and protocols to meet the demand for a globally trusted renewable energy market structure.

Once projects are authenticated, TIGRs will be issued to the sellers, transferred to the buyers and retired so companies can publicly showcase their climate change activities. To date, we have processed more than one billion RECs and credits across our registries worldwide.

Meet your sustainability goals securely with TIGRs.

TIGRs Registry

The Registry collects and tracks information regarding renewable energy generation originating within supported countries. It is designed to provide a policy-neutral, market-driven, web-based system for participants in renewable energy markets. By creating a reliable process to evidence verification, issuance and retirement of TIGRs, there is now integrity and trust to support further growth of investment in renewable energy around the world.

Understand how to participate and register your renewable energy assets here.

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